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After years of founder and CEO Michael Preysman insisting that his online fashion label would never go into physical retail , the brand finally took the leap and launched its first clothing boutique at 28 Prince Street in New York City's SoHo neighborhood.  I went to the store to see for myself what it's like to shop there. Here's what I found:  The fashion label is calling its first brick-and-mortar store "Everlane IRL," and it matches the simple aesthetic of the online store. Located at 28 Prince Street in SoHo, the store is bright and airy, and it was packed when I visited. The storefront is 100% glass, so you can see the whole store from outside. Considering that it's in a small storefront in SoHo, it feels pretty big. It has high ceilings, giant skylights, and no fluorescent lighting. The first thing you see when you walk into the store is a nice lounge area with boxed water, decorative plants, a neighborhood guide, and photos of the denim factory. It makes for a comfortable space to get some work done or take a break from shopping, if these visitors were anything to go by. There are benches to sit and try on shoes at the front of the store.

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Primark are launching a Pusheen homewear and clothing range and prices start at 1.50

Last week the budget brand launched it's Hello Kitty bed linen range and customers were purring with satisfaction. Double Duvet £20, Purmaid Cushion £6, Throw £6 , Thermal £4, Water Bottle £4 , Mini Standing Light £3, Secret Mermaid Plaque £1.50 Now they're set to launch an entire range of Pusheen goods - with prices starting at £1.50. The catty collection, which hits stores on February 5, includes everything from duvet sets and drinking cups, to socks and swimwear. The cheapest is a "Secret Mermaid" plaque at £1.50, while the socks come in at just £2.50 and £3. The cute cushions are £6, while the duvet sets, featuring Facebook's favourite feline, are £20. January 31: The moon’s total eclipse can make relationships deeper and stronger From 'flexting' to 'cricketing'... the brutal new dating trends YOU need to know As well as the usual Pusheen images, some products - including the £6 slippers and the £8 swimming cossie - feature her as a "Purrmaid." Pusheen was created in 2010 by Claire Belton and Andrew Duff for a comic strip on their website, Everyday Cute. But with her latest high street gig, the comic kitty has hit the big time. Earlier this week it was another cat making waves on the Primark website when  Marie from the Aristocats got feline-loving fashion fans excited .

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